Twenty/20 Artist



Virtual Immersive was a participating artist bringing to life a completely blank helmet in Augmented Reality for the Twenty/20 Artists exhibition. A collaboration between Vandal Galleries, Art Pharmacy, Sabotage Motorcycles and DMD Motorcycles featured 20 motorcycle helmets, each custom painted by one of the twenty artists exclusively selected for this event.

All helmets were auctioned on ebay with 100% of profits going to the Movember charity.

As well as being viewable through mobile devices, the head of our Technology Director, John Doolan, was built for the Microsoft Hololens, and was the hit of the night giving many guests not only their first look at AR, but also their first experience with the Microsoft Hololens.

Featured artists included Kentaro YoshidaSindy Sinn, Ginger Tailor and Scott March.

Designed by Richard Swan