Singapore Airlines
Enlighten Festival





Our latest campaign for Singapore Airlines, was designed as the centre piece for their on-site activation at the Enlighten Festival in Canberra 2020.

As the main sponsor for the festival event, Singapore Airlines wanted to create an interactive experience for attendees that showcased the destinations that they fly to from Canberra International Airport.

Using motion detection and computer vision technology, we created a immersive experience that was integrated into a 8m x 2m digital screen.


The experience was designed to look like the departure board at the airport, listing all the destinations that travellers can fly to with Singapore Airlines. 

When attendees approached the screen they would see themselves virtually transported to 1 of 12 international destinations such as London, Paris, Bangkok, Hanoi, Mumbai, Singapore and more. 

Each destination was designed with interactivity and themed to provide attendees with the perfect virtual selfie moment.

The 12 destinations automatically rotated on screen giving attendees the opportunity to walk through the various experiences, take pictures and videos and then share them socially.

At the end of the experience attendees were encouraged to enter a competition for the chance to win a pair of return flights courtesy of Singapore Airlines.

Check out the video below.

CLIENT: Singapore Airlines