• Jonathan Lee

Google Chrome Updates Power WebVR/AR

Last week Google launched the beta for Chrome 79, with a slew of updates for the browser.

Amongst the many updates is a really exciting feature - increased support for web-based VR/AR content. This update will be available from the 10th December.

Google confirmed "The original WebVR standard allowed virtual reality games and demos to run in a web browser, but the newer WebXR API (which has been under development for around two years) is designed to be much more powerful. Developers will be able to use WebXR to create both VR and AR (augmented reality) experiences, mirror 3D scenes to other displays, and support different kinds of input devices."

According to Google, this new-and-improved WebVR support will eventually make its way to other desktop platforms. Support for Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, and OpenVR headsets is currently being worked on.

Firefox Reality, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go users can already access browser-based VR content straight from their headsets without the need for any additional software download.

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