• Jonathan Lee

VI at Metexpo 2019

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

We were thrilled to have been involved in this year's SMPTE Australia (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) Media & Entertainment Tech Expo with our Head of Production, Simone Barker, moderating the immersive technology panel.

Our GM Simone spoke alongside the founders of featured startups including Chris Moran of Equal Reality, Craig Rutherford of Evaro, Justin Liang of Inspace XR and Rajesh Kumar of Immersifai.

Thank you all for sharing your journies and insights. It was inspiring to hear how each of you started using immersive technology to solve a single problem and have since transformed into successful and scalable businesses.

Big thanks to Chantal Abouchar and Claire Tester of The Studio and to SMPTE Australia for hosting us.

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