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VI at the Australaisian Gaming Expo

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The VI team had a great couple of days at the Australasian Gaming Expo exhibiting our work with web, social and augmented reality gaming alongside our partners Plutus Commerce.

Established in 1990, the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) is the cornerstone of the Australasian gaming and hospitality industry. It is where gaming, technology, and hospitality meet and it was great to join the thousands of attendees to exhibit some of our work within gaming.

Over the last few weeks the VI team have focused on developing a number of gaming experiences for various partners. With decades of experience in gaming across the team we have some pretty good knowledge to lean on when developing games, Some may say we are a team of nerds đź‘€

As we work with partners across web, mobile, social and console we wanted to create a variety of games across all these channels to showcase what can be done within each platform. As a result we now have a fantastic library of games to choose from and it was great to see the many attendees at the AGE having fun with some of the experiences we had on show.

Congratulations to xxx who won our cricket game competition with a high score of 98 winning himself a $200 Westfield voucher in the process.

Hard to pick a favourite game from the ones we developed but if pushed it would have to be our spin on the iconic card game 'memory' in augmented reality. This plays beautifully in AR and it is highly addictive. Underneath each card is an animated 3D character and the aim of the game is to pair the matching characters as quick as you can. Check out the experience on the video below.

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