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Founding Partner

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Simone is a seasoned experiential, design and visual effects producer of over 25 years working in New York, London and Sydney. She has produced a variety of content including global channel rebrands, bespoke large format content and feature films. Whilst Head of Production at Cutting Edge Sydney, Simone built and managed the VFX department, producing visual effects for TV commercials and feature films. Since co-founding Virtual Immersive in 2017, she has managed the growth of the business to its current size, producing jobs all over the world including augmented, mixed and virtual reality activations and installations for clients such as Salesforce, Accenture, Spinifex, Optus, Woolworths, IBM and Singapore Airlines. Simone is passionate about building purposeful technology in all its forms, and utilising her visual effects expertise to bring the craft of feature film visual effects into realtime technologies.


Experience Director

Founding Partner

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Saxon is one of Australia's top Real-Time Artists and a leading Experience Director for Immersive Technologies. With an extensive background in the video games industry, Saxon was one of the first in Australia to work in Mixed Reality. He designs striking and optimal user experiences in everything from Mobile AR to Virtual Reality. Saxon’s expertise lays in Mixed Reality, User Experience Design and Level Design/ World building.



Technology Director

Founding Partner

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John is one of Australia's leading Software Engineers and Graphics Programmers. He has been coding since he was 8.
and he is the founder of the Official UE4 Sydney Meetup. 


He remains at the forefront of new technology. He was the first in Australia to create code to handoff from Vuforia to ARKit/ARCore, he built a platform that enables any screen to become interactive with the addition of a webcam, he created a world first AR rotational skyline tracking system and developed a number of machine learning models for upcoming ad campaigns.


Visual Effects Supervisor

Founding Partner

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Andrew is a Visual Effects Supervisor, with over 16 years experience in CGI for the Film and TVC industry. He has worked at the top post houses including Animal Logic, MPC and Method Studios. His work includes Lego Star Wars for Cartoon Network, Marvel’s Iron Man and The Hunger Games to name a few.  As well as the award winning ‘Bombing of Darwin’ VR experience.

He is highly sought after for his strong eye and attention to detail in creating photo-real computer graphics which he has successfully transferred into Immersive Technology.


Commercial Director

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Jonathan is our Commercial Director with extensive experience working in sales and marketing roles for various technology companies across the globe. His background is predominantly in advertising and he has vast experience of the media landscape.


He was instrumental in launching the Shazam augmented reality platform into the APAC region and has worked on award winning campaigns for major global brands such as Mars, Bacardi, Universal Music, Nestlé, Apple, Optus, Pernod Ricard, Village Roadshow and more.


Senior Programmer
and Software Engineer

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Don is Virtual Immersive’s back end guru. With a penchant for cutting edge technology, he has been delivering experienced analytics and monitoring solutions for over 6 years. 

Don enjoys the variety of challenges he encounters when working in VR and AR, employing his creativity and problem solving skills to deliver unique and memorable experiences to users. He is the eternal problem solver, on a mission to continuously improve user experience and workflow. 

“Analytics tells the true narrative of the user experience.” 



Technical Artist

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Samuel grew up drawing and playing video games. He was fascinated by the mechanics  of the technology that made his childhood passion possible. He began his career studying Graphic Design and Video Editing but was immediately drawn to the world of 3D, leading him to study Game Development at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

When it comes to VR/AR, Samuel is most excited that we have the technology to not only create worlds but can quite literally live in them!  The VI team was proud  to see Samuel awarded the ‘Outstanding Game Artist’ award for the year of 2018 at AIE!



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Laura started her career at a creative agency, where she gained valuable experience developing integrated advertising campaigns across broadcast, social, digital and print mediums. After spending 4 years in agency land, she found her passion for producing and transitioned into the film and TV industry as a TVC producer. 


Her passion for bringing ideas to life combined with her determination, means she always goes the extra mile to help make any project succeed on behalf of her clients. She’s looking forward to helping brands push the boundaries in VR/AR, to help create memorable experiences for their consumers.


Software Engineer

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Seb is jack-of-all-trades, one day hoping to be master of some. Fascinated with video games from the age of 6, an insatiable curiosity of how things worked flowered into an intense interest in the field of programming.


Always wanting to know more, Seb is up for learning pretty much anything, from Linux web-servers to machine learning. He enjoys the collaborative spirit of VI with everyone feeling equal no matter how many years  experience is under their belt.


Social Media

Marketing Manager

If you are interested to join the VI team, check out the available positions on our Careers Page.