Optus & Samsung 

The Power of 5G



In partnership with Optus and Samsung, the Virtual Immersive team developed an augmented reality experience for the George Street store in Sydney.

The showcase was designed to demonstrate the power of 5G, as augmented reality uses the Optus network to deliver high-fidelity streaming of video content directly onto consumers mobile devices in real time.

"We've collaborated with Virtual Immersive and Samsung to develop an augmented reality experience for our staff and our customers. Augmented reality is something that we are going to see a lot more of with 5G. It creates bandwidth and speed that allows a much richer, multimedia experience". Harvey Wright, Head of Optus 5G

When Sydneysiders visit the Optus store they can experience George Street in two different time periods using the power of augmented reality.

Channel 7 News coverage of the activation

Initially users take a step back in time as they are immersed in a historically accurate version of the area. Transporting users back to 1930, they are able to see the hustle and bustle of the street complete with horse and cart transportation.

Consumers can then toggle the experience to get a glimpse of the future, via an optimistic view of what the street might look like in the next decade.

"5G is instrumental in bringing these technologies to the mainstream and consumers are going to see a huge benefit. Speed, bandwidth and latency like we have never experienced before". Anshika Grover, 5G Innovation and Strategic Partnerships


The activation is available to the public from Wednesday 11 March 2020.