Latitude Financial Services & Snap


Following the launch of their new branding 'Let's', the Latitude Financial Services team were keen to build upon this success with a fun and engaging Snap lens for the 2019 Christmas period.

In collaboration with Snapchat, we created a lens that was inspired by the Latitude TV commercial. Using the front facing camera, consumers are taken on a fun journey through multiple stylised environments and through the various personalities of Latitude. 

Using subtle branding, fun and colourful scenes and a Christmas theme, we were able to deliver an exciting gamified lens experience for Latitude's target consumers. By moving their head up and down and side to side, users could control the direction of the sleigh allowing them to collect a variety of presents coming towards them. As more are collected the experience speeds up and the aim of the game is to collect as many presents as possible before time runs out.

CLIENT: Latitude Financial Services & Snap

Creative Strategist - Snap's Maddie Moore