Grey Goose
Fountain of Goose





In 2019, Grey Goose created a world-first travelling summer experience, known as the Fountain of Goose. 


In order to amplify the on ground experience for consumers, we partnered with the Grey Goose brand via OMD Create and Snapchat to create a gamified Snap Lens that included both front and world lens components.


Grey Goose became the first vodka brand, in the alcohol category in Australia, to create a gamified world lens via Snap.


For the front-facing lens experience, we used the latest hand tracking technology from Snapchat to allow users to pour their own cosmopolitan cocktail, whilst feeling like they have been transported to a European destination. We also added the summer essential pair of sunglasses and a bottle of Grey Goose to complete the branded experience.


Once users had poured themselves a cosmopolitan, they were encouraged to flip the camera to the world-facing lens, so they could experience the Fountain of Goose in augmented reality. We gamified the lens via a challenge to toss virtual coins into the Fountain. Users had 30 seconds to score as many points as possible – replicating the real Fountain’s wishing well. The further away the user was from the Fountain and the higher the tier their coin landed in, the more points they would receive. Once the timer ran out, users were then able to click through to enter a competition to win one of ten Grey Goose summer prize packs, with every person that entered also receiving a cocktail recipe package.


The Grey Goose lens was accessible to Snapchat users through a number of avenues, including the Snap Lens carousel for those within the target audience group, through Snap Ads, and through a Snap Code located at the Fountain of Goose on ground activation.

As a result, over 1 million Australians used the lens since the campaign launched in October 2019.


Creative Strategist - Snap's Maddie Moore