QBE Insurance & Sydney Swans

My Swans Story





Every fan is different. So why do we try to speak to them the same way? 


Introducing QBE My Swans Story.

QBE has its own fan story. They have been supporting the Swans for over 30 years. Saved
them from bankruptcy, won premierships with them, had the good times, but also the bad
times. There is no better partner in the world of sport. And no better time for
an insurance company is to be there in the bad times.

“Quite simply, without QBE I don’t know if we’d be here. Since 1986, they’ve been there
with us every step of the way” Andrew Ireland, CEO.

So we gave fans something when they needed it. A reason to believe when it was needed
the most. When things go bad and you need your insurance. No matter how bad things get
who better to help out in the bad times than QBE who has seen the highs and lows through
our 30 year partnership. 

The solution? A data driven, interactive, personalized film…unique to every single Swans fan.

Data collection…boring right. Nope, no dull forms here. Fans were treated to a lively and fun
UI as they input their unique experience as a Swans.


From selecting their favourite player to the key stats of their journey and their most treasured Swans memories. We even got their decisions on the really big decisions.....meat pie or sausage roll.

Fans then hit submit, and in a matter of minutes they received their very own bespoke film.
Unique to their journey as a Sydney Swans fan. 

Every film was unique, introduced by their favourite players, complete with their fan
journey and favourite moments as well as how their choices matched up with other
fans…and their favourite player. 


Purchase product and scan tin to reveal the menu options in augmented reality


Access the Oli6 social links, website and benefits video


View the local farms in 360 video and learn more about how the product is made


View the RMIT research study that explains the benefits of goats milk vs cows milk

Our questions were so diverse that there were an endless number of possible film outcomes.
But every film was a seamless experience with every selection perfectly edited together.
Each individual asset was crafted by illustrators and designers, with AI rapidly editing and delivering every film straight to the fans inbox.

CLIENT: QBE Insurance & Sydney Swans

Designed and Directed by Octagon