adidas AU & Snap


In 2019, adidas AU launched a fresh take on the classic varsity look with the unveiling of their new VRCT jacket. With star athletes such as Paulo Dybala, James Harden, Mette Towley, Denise Schindler, Ning Zetao and Stefanos Tsitsipas, adidas celebrated the heritage of team pride with customisable patches that were created to represent their own personal story.

To bring this campaign to life through social media, Virtual Immersive partnered with Snapchat to create an AR lens that allowed consumers to try on the adidas Varsity Jacket and create their own personal design

Using the Lens studio's pose tracking technology, we were able to detect the user’s lower body and seamlessly overlay the new adidas Varsity Jacket onto their torso.


Once the experience launched the user is asked “What Do You Represent”, and they are provided with the option to customise the jacket by changing its colour. They can also tap the badge buttons on the side of the screen to customise the jacket’s badge art. 

Through augmented reality we are able to provide users with the ability to design a version of the Varsity Jacket that best represents them.

CLIENT: adidas AU & Snap

Creative Strategist - Snap's Maddie Moore